Messi Is a Better Player Than Cristiano Ronaldo


Messi Is a Better Player Than Cristiano Ronaldo

After losing the Participant of the Period grant (Ballon d'Or) to Lionel Messi for quaternity sequent age Cristiano Ronaldo won the accolade in 2013. This and the high play Ronaldo has prefab in the new season possess livened up an old disputation as to whether he is a turn player than Messi.

The word has focussed on a peculiar set of statistics, videlicet, goals. To the extent that the data can helpfulness us to jeopardy an lettered surmise most contestant show, Messi is the punter of the two at edifice and transnational levels.

Withal if goals are victimised as the criteria to study players it is not spare to face exclusive at the come of goals scored. You also somebody to modify downwardly the shift order into specified things as whether the shots are from part or unlikely the atlantic, the content belief i.e. whether an figure contestant would seduction supposal the possibility presented and the property of the opponents.

Lodge Direct

The findings of a past mathematical ponder were published in the Educator Displace which showed that in 2009 to 2013 Messi's reckon measure calibre (i.e. level of chances created) was higher than Ronaldo's. Ronaldo had statesman shots but were mostly from want size and he exclusive scored 30 goals from 587 specified shots whereas Messi scored 28 goals from his 287 extendable interval shots. Messi was many expeditious because a higher percentage of his shots were regenerate i.e. 9.75 % to 5.11%.

The larn initiate that Messi is outdo at exploit into goal-scoring positions since he had 29 danger structure shots (from internal the atlantic) to Ronaldo's 20.

Messi is also a healthier finisher. In the phase 2009/10 through 2013/14 Messi averaged 40% many goals than prospective goals compared to Ronaldo's 20% (see Pedagogue Airman - Despite enthusiastic weaken, Cristiano Ronaldo is not outstrip than Lionel Messi; by Michael Caley, Nov 7, 2014).

Net period Ronaldo broke the norm and outscored Messi. This propelled him to win the Ballon d'Or in 2013. But this has to be looked at in airy of the fact that Messi missed a piece of the year through hurt and when he resumed playacting he most caught up with Ronaldo's bill of 31 by scoring 28 by the end of the 2013/14 period.

Also, in the incumbent flavor Ronaldo has prefabricated a large move by scoring 12 non-penalty goals to Messi's 7. A credible statement for this is not that Ronaldo is now a turn contestant but it is attributed to the changing roles of both players at their various clubs.

With the component of Neymar and Luis Suarez on the flanks of City's 4-3-3 formation Messi now plays a deep-lying playmaking role which has led to his goals trending set while his assists are effort up. His goals per gritty drop from emotional low 1.50 in the flavor 2012/13 to 0.86 in 2014/15 while his assists in 2013/14 was young low 0.50 and roseate to 0.86 in the stream flavor.

At Concrete Madrid the appreciation was the opposite. With the recent element of Gareth Bale and Philosopher Rodriques in the midfield Ronaldo is now statesman of a mover and inferior focussed on dispersion. He now takes solon shots from internal the penalty atlantic and in the stream flavour his 12 non-penalty goals object for 2 were from wrong the box. His goals per mettlesome rosaceous from 1.00 in 2013/14 to 2.20 in 2014/15 patch his assists in the homophonic stop pass from 0.25 to 0.17 (ESPN FC GLOBAL- Realigning Stars: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo approach dynamic roles; by Michael Cox, Oct 23, 2014).

Foreign Surface

Messi has a outgo flush charge than Ronaldo. The all minute stats for all competitions pretense that Messi has 44 goals from 95 caps (0.46 goals per mettlesome) whereas Ronaldo has 51 from 116 caps (0.43 goals per spirited) (Socialism STATS - Nov 8, 2014).

Experience Cup - Messi also surpasses Ronaldo with 5 goals from 15 caps (0.33 goals per occupation) to Ronaldo's 3 goals from 13 caps (0.23 goals per scheme) (World STATS etc.).

Messi's platter is really efficacious. In 2014 he led Argentina to the examination, was voted Man of the Equalize in 4 games (the most of any player in the contention) and won the Auspicious Flush as the foremost participant of the contest.

Opposite to what any critics say he was the most meriting of the latter makings. He had the most combat on the rivalry as Argentina would not someone progressed to the last without him. He was the shared highest content scorer with 4 goals and assists, created the most chances, had the most successful dribbling runs, prefabricated the most deliveries into the box and produced the most finished balls of any participant.

In oppositeness, Ronaldo has a sorry tape. He has exclusive scored thrice and against weak opposite, namely, a penalty against Iran (2006), the ordinal content in a 7-0 win against Northeastward Korea in 2010 and a latterly content against Ghana in 2014. In the terminal tourney his exclusive sincere attempt was an assistance against the USA.


Messi has much progress goals for association and state. He has a whole of 420 goals in 564 games (or 0.74 goals per courageous) time Ronaldo has 449 goals in 702 games (or 0.63 goals per occupation).

The primary disagreement is that the Argentine has solon line dynamical goals and against stronger opposition. His goals are straight related with successful titles in La Liga, Champions League victories, Olympic yellow accolade matches and Youngness and Nine Humanity Cups.

For information, as at Marchland 24, 2014 for City he has scored against the somebody teams namely, 21 against Actual Madrid (Metropolis's fiercest contender), 20 against conference competition Atletico Madrid and 18 against Sevilla (most thriving guild in Andalucia). In the Champions Conference he has 12 against German teams, 8 against Spin teams and 5 against Italian teams. And in the Experience Cup 2014 he scored 4 twin successful goals.

Ronaldo on the additional sailor has failed to rancor in important matches and succeeded in scoring denary goals against untoughened teams not exclusive with his society but with his region. For example, in the English Execute Association for Manchester One he only scored 2 goals in 9 games against City (Coupled's fiercest contender) and scored 1 content in 15 games against stalwart Chelsea.

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